The New City Reader is a newspaper on architecture, public space and the city, published as part of The Last Newspaper, an exhibit running at the New Museum from 6 October 2010 to 9 January 2011.

Editorial work for the New City Reader took place in a purpose-designed office in the New Museum gallery in full public view. Produced in collaboration with Joseph Grima, the New City Reader consisted of 14 weekly editions guest-edited by a contributing network of architects, theorists, and research groups. Each issue addressed a single section of a typical newspaper (such as Sports, Finance or Obituaries). The sections were available for free at the New Museum and—in emulation of a practice also common in the 19th-century American city before newspapers became cheap and abundant—were posted in public throughout the city for collective reading.

This is a temporary placeholder until we can restore the original New City Reader web site, which Rackspace destroyed and could not restore due to their own incompetence.


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14 Classifieds

13 Weather

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